Board quickly releases to provide instant feedback when the athlete looses his base.

The VersaBoard gets off the ground and puts your board drills in motion!

Revolutionary Offensive Line Board


How it Works

1. Attach the Versaboard to any blocking or tackling sled

2. When the lineman is driving the sled, if the player uses incorrect feet position it quickly and safely detaches to provide instant feedback.  

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Welcome toVersaboard

The Versaboard attaches to Blocking and Tackling Sleds to help your players keep a wide base when driving objects in space! No other line tool ever devised has combined the two most important tools in a coaches repertoire…The Sled and Board Drills. Gone are the days of following a group of players and shouting “Keep a wide base!!” No more trying to explain to a player that he has lost his base…if the board is detached…the player lost his base. It’s that simple. No Assembly required no cough drops during camp and no more spinning sleds!

Why Choose VersaBoard

Patented ability to connect to Blocking AND Tackling sleds

Is Versatile…does the job of its predecessors and beyond

Developed through years of experience and research by professional Linemen and Coaches

Designed with safety in mind

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