The VersaBoard separates itself from every other board designed to this point by both doing the job of its predecessors in the chutes and in normal board drills. But that’s where the comparisons end. The VersaBoard adds sled work to its repertoire.

VersaBoard has the unique and patented ability to attach itself to any sled via components in the head piece. NO OTHER BOARD EVER DESIGNED HAS THIS ABILITY.

The VersaBoard provides IMMEDIATE feedback to a coach and athlete that he has lost his base and that his feet have come together. Harmlessly detaching when stepped on.

History of The VersaBoard:

My name is Adam Hill, the developer of the VersaBoard.  I have been coaching or playing football ever since I can remember.  I have coached on every level of football…from the NFL and Arena football, collegiately all the way down to assisting at the Pop Warner level.  I have seen this same issue at every level.  Spinning sleds and narrow bases, to the point that some coaches have even given up on correcting it at times. NOT WHAT I RECOMMEND!  It is through my 19 years of experience as a Line coach that I bring you the answer to a couple of your biggest problems.  The VersaBoard.

I originally came up with the idea of the board after a week of two a days following freshman linemen around screaming at them to “keep their base”.  Coaches…I (and my voice) feel your pain.  No matter how many board drills or chute drills I put my guys through, no matter how many octives I could reach with my voice I realized it is a natural human reaction to bring your feet together to “drive” a heavy object or object that is giving resistance, especially when you are fatigued.   No matter how natural it is, no matter how tired you get, as we know….in the game of football if you lose a wide base, you are much easier to be moved off your spot.  It was then when it hit me…I need something to put on that sled to ensure my guys have the advantage over everyone else….I need the VersaBoard.